About Us

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU: Your custom coin, uniform pin, cloth emblem, or any other product, will be a protected item. Extra products WILL NOT be made and sold “on the side”. You alone will control how your items are disseminated.

We at Centurion Coin and Emblem take great pride in offering our customers personalized service. Please feel free to reach us by telephone, email/text or our Contact Us form (please provide your cell or best call-back numbers). Speak with us personally – not some automated system. Experience our personal attention and hospitality. We enjoy working directly with our customers and we want you to know we are here for YOU. We appreciate your business. Let us show you.



I am an Honorably Retired sworn officer with the CHP from 1989-2017 and a Motor Officer since 1993. I am a law enforcement historian with nearly 3 decades of research knowledge and experience. I also maintain a collection of insignias from various police agencies.

I apply the knowledge and experience gained as a historian to all products of Centurion Coin and Emblem. I do not take the term “pays attention to detail” to the next level — I take it to the TOP LEVEL! I pride my business on being able to provide the best products which are designed using traditional elements from the particular agencies represented — not just something that looks good.

With my background and experience as a sworn law enforcement officer I am able to relate with the needs of other officers. I also have the business sense to relate with corporate America and the private sector. Additionally, I am well suited to work with members of our military as law enforcement and the military share a respect for honor, tradition, service, and espirit de corps. Let me know how I may take care of YOU.

I can sometimes be hard to reach by phone. If I miss your call, it is usually due to caring for another customer. Please leave a message and I will get back with you promptly. Send an email via the Contact Us form anytime. I will gladly take care of you.